Together with The Flowers For Dreams Foundation, we have now funded over 210 amazing local charities.


$215,718.64 IN 2023 ALONE.

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From gun violence to climate change, student debt to public education, we are committing our profits to a better future for our kids.

In 2023, we kept being us.
Thinking big, acting small, reinvesting profits in our community.

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Housing & Homelessness

Contributed $31,853


Gun Violence

Contributed $59,244


Community Development

Contributed $59,806


Domestic Violence

Contributed $55,804

Contributed $31,853 to fight homelessness

We launched 2023 supporting young people experiencing homelessness. We understand the importance safe and stable housing plays in a healthy and successful future and are proud to have partnered with four incredible organizations working to reduce youth homelessness and increase housing equity across the Midwest.

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Flowers for Dreams’ contributions facilitated the launch of the Reproductive Health Services Center, where Gyrls in the H.O.O.D. conducted 28 health education classes and 20 career development sessions, and helped establish the H.O.O.D Closet initiative, which now provides clothing, coats, shoes, and household items to 938 community members each year.

The generous funding provided by Flowers for Dreams has helped Covenant House Illinois pay for clothing, other work-related items, and community activities to help foster community and a sense of family.

Detroit Phoenix Center showed me that my voice mattered, showed me different ways to advocate my voice and build my confidence and now I can speak in crowds.

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Contributed $59,244 to end gun violence

We’re all familiar with the grim stats–we have more guns than people, more mass shootings each year than days, and one person dies every 11 minutes from a gun. Enough is enough. This year, we joined four nonprofits committed to ending gun violence and healing our communities.

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This Mother’s Day, we supported our amazing moms and @momsdemand to fight for common sense gun reform and protect all our kids from this epidemic of deadly firearm violence.

With the support of Flowers for Dreams, Free Root was able to graduate our second BLOOM Cohort, which provided wellness programming to Black women and mothers impacted by poverty-induced gun violence.

With the generous support from Flowers for Dreams, Safe & Sound has been able to leverage our collective impact model to amplify our efforts to educate residents and partners on solutions to address rising gun violence and improve neighborhood safety.

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Contributed $59,806 to lift up community needs

Our communities face a wide range of complex, interconnected problems. To help meet the need, we teamed up with three neighborhood nonprofits that are building economic vitality and improving the quality of life one block at a time.

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Flowers for Dreams has helped Embarc support thousands of teens across Chicago to unleash their limitless potential.

Flowers for Dreams helped Community First to continue our mission of affordable housing and helping our seniors to age in place.

Flowers for Dreams has helped Embarc support thousands of teens across Chicago to unleash their limitless potential.

Thanks to the generous support of the Flowers for Dreams Foundation, Hope Village has been able to grow our Hope Village 360 Stay Healthy programming, adding new activities like Tai Chi and Zumba during the summer and weekly community bike rides.

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Contributed $55,804 to lift up community needs

In the United States, more than 10 million people are abused by an intimate partner each year, this translates into 20 people every minute. This is unacceptable and it’s why we supported four organizations committed to breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Q -- 4

“The investment from the Flowers for Dreams Foundation along with the experience and expertise of our Advocates allowed adult and child survivors to heal and achieve a more peaceful lives.“
-Sarah Bloom, Grants Administrator, The Women’s Center

In addition to supporting Healing To Action survivor-leaders in reaching marginalized and isolated survivors of gender-based violence in their communities, Flowers for Dreams also provided the most gorgeous flower arrangements for HTA’s fall community gathering.

Flowers for Dreams support helped Shavla provide 1,588 counseling sessions and provide practical support like groceries, medicine, household necessities, and rent to more than 68 individuals receiving support.

Throughout 2023 First Step was able to support over 5600 individuals, and more than 570 children through emergency shelter, counseling and advocacy, transitional housing, transportation and criminal court support.

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We used flowers & plants to stand up for justice in our communities.

Pause in UPS shipping in solidarity with striking workers

We surprised couples getting married at City Hall with free wedding bouquets

Our Bloom Room helped support reproductive health services for Gyrls in The Hood

We used flowers to promote peace locally in response to October 7th.

We opposed drag bans in Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

We stood with survivors of domestic violence by funding grants to break this vicious cycle.

We proudly marched in the Milwaukee Pride parade.

Empowered Ukrainian refugees with valuable flower arranging skills to pursue their art.

Always striving for impact, but never forgetting to have some fun along the way.

We started monthly bouquet drops to fund pressing issues.

The Dope Bundle for Valentine's Day helping prison reform with Vic Mensa.

The Fleur Bouquet in March to highlight Women's Day.

Our local Peonies in May for Moms Demand Action.

The Dahlia Fest bouquet for back to school and teachers in September.

The Dope Bundle for Valentine's Day helping prison reform with Vic Mensa.

The Fleur Bouquet in March to highlight Women's Day.

Our local Peonies in May for Moms Demand Action.

The Dahlia Fest bouquet for back to school and teachers.

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Open Quotes
“We're so grateful for the beauty and intentionality Flowers for Dreams brings to their grantee partnerships.”
- Sheerine Alemzadeh, Co-Founder & Co-Director

Healing to Action

Q4 2023 Grant Recipient

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To get there, we arranged over 1.5M stems of flowers.

new deliveries record set by our amazing driver jose
Bouquet being made flowers laid out.
Voted Best Florist
Our bouquets were ordered from 60 different countries, as far as  Perth Australia; 11,170 miles away
OUR most popular wedding palette IN 2023

Your bouquet makes an impact.

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We are about a LOT more than flowers.

At      Flowers for Dreams, we believe that business should do more than make money, so we reinvest 25% of our net profits into amazing local charities in our community.

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Open Quotes
“We're so thankful for their belief in our students, our schools, and our communities.” 

- Amanda Long, Executive Director, Embarc


Q3 2023 Grant Recipient

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Our promise to the envIronment

Progress on our ambitious new roadmap to achieve environmental sustainability and massive waste reduction by year-end 2025.


End to Virgin Plastic

We replaced 93% of our plastic daily arrangement packaging with recyclable corrugated cardboard and are extending this eco-friendly shift to our weddings & events.


Become Carbon Neutral

Over 100 metric tons of CO2 delivery emissions with OnFleet Offset

65.28537 tons offset

Eliminate Foam

We began experimenting with eco-friendly agrawool and have shifted to reusable chicken wire to eliminate wasteful design products.


As one of the first B Corps in the Midwest, we are proud to see now over 6,000 businesses in 94 countries join the global movement.

Flowers for Dreams Impact Report Image/Logo

We re-certified as a B Corporation in 2023 after receiving back-to-back accolades in charitable giving and nonprofit outcomes.

Certified B Corporation
Flowers for Dreams Impact Report #1 Ranking.

The very first flower or plant B Corporation to certify in the United States of America.

Certified by the nonprofit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

Leading With Flowers

"We use beautiful flowers to advance causes of justice & charity in our community."
Our mission since 2012. It felt humble, small, very local when we would say it back then. Nearly a decade later, it is known widely throughout the floral industry. With your help, we've truly set the example of social responsibility in our sector.

In 2021, we started the first ever nonprofit florist in a florist.
In 2022, we reached $1M donated- all through the sale of flowers.
In 2023, we launched the most ambitious roadmap to become carbon neutral and end first-use plastic. We re-certified as a B Corporation - the first flower company to ever become one and a pioneer for dozens of others to follow suit.

As we look ahead to 2024, we're hoping to fund our 250th local charity from your flowers. We're focusing all of our charitable efforts on the next generation. Kids who don't have access, teens who need mentorship, and young voters who will help decide the future of our country. Will you join us with more support?

Steven Dyme
CEO & Co-Founder

Open Quotes
“We’re grateful to Flowers for Dreams for helping make all of this possible.”
- Eva Maria Lewis, Executive Director

Free Root

Q2 2023 Grant Recipient

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Charities across the years

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“To SHALVA and those who are here to bring your mission forward, thank you. I feel seen and understood. I feel hopeful. I feel grateful. I feel blessed.”


Q4 2023 Grant Recipient

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Our impact across the years

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For spreading kindness with us in 2023

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