A decade in the making

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Together with The Flowers For Dreams Foundation, we have now funded 188 amazing local charities.


* Donated through 12/31/2021

Help us get there. When you buy, we give. Because giving is who we are.

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It makes me feel incredibly grateful to work for a company who just *gets it* and has always kept their word to give back to the communities we serve.

Jennifer Goodare

Senior Wedding Consultant

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We started our own nonprofit to maximize our impact, contributing $236,121 to local causes in 2021 alone.

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Housing & Homelessness

Contributed $39,441


Mental Health

Contributed $69,929


BIPOC Communities

Contributed $66,854


Women & Girls

Contributed $59,896

Contributed $39,441 to Housing & Homelessness

We launched our Foundation in 2021 by supporting creative solutions to house the homeless. In the peak winter months of the COVID-19 pandemic, too many of our fellow citizens went without shelter, housing security, or stability.

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Helped 296 people become homeowners

Family in front of garage under basketball hoop.Acts Housing logo

Provided financial education to 1,564 individuals

Mother and daughter outside apartment.Acts Housing logo

This family of five will reinvest over $85,000 into the City of Milwaukee by purchasing and rehabbing a vacant tax foreclosure for owner occupancy.

Children seeing room with joy and surprise.Digs with Dignity logo

Doubled Digs with Dignity’s yearly impact to 38 families.

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Children's bedroom with two beds.Digs with Dignity logo
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Contributed $69,929 to Mental Health

1 in 4 people in the United States will experience a mental illness, and many experts expect this number to increase due to the impact of COVID-19.
The Foundation provided its largest grant in Flowers for Dreams' history to NAMI chapters in the Midwest dedicated to building better lives for those affected by mental illness.

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People participating in Nami Walks for Chicago eventNAMI Chicago logo

Supported the free, mental health helpline, which answered more than 13,000 calls for help in 2021.

Woman holding "Every Journey Begins with a First Step" sign promoting Nami Walks for Chicago event.NAMI Chicago logo

“I was in DESPERATE NEED for someone to talk to and found NAMI on the web. Julia took the time to speak to me that day and it made a huge difference in my state of mind. Thank God your organization exists!!!! It saves lives!”

Young man and two older men at table.National Alliance for Mental Illness Michigan logo

Provided mental health education and support classes to 110 family members of those experiencing mental illness

People attaching cards to 'HOPE' sign.National Alliance on Mental Illness Southeast Wisconsin logo

Funded crisis training to teach law enforcement to better handle mental health crises.

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Contributed $66,854 to BIPOC Communities

Less than 10% of grant dollars are awarded to BIPOC nonprofits. We are committed to breaking this cycle. In 5 chronically under-resourced neighborhoods in our cities, we wanted to change the misdirected attention on violence or death, to celebrating growth and life.

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Funds supported the workforce development program, which grew from  55 to currently 76 people enrolled.

Greenhouse interiorGrowing home logo

One of our current participants was recently released after serving 23 years in prison. He was just hired for a delivery driver position. He is very excited to start his new role with this as the first step towards his long-term goal of receiving his Driver’s License.

People showing fresh grown produce.Growing home logo

Two graduates from this year successfully completed a lengthy application process and began the CTA Second Chance Program which often leads to full-time employment opportunities within the CTA.

Farmers market standsUrban Growers Collective logo

When the supply chain failed, We helped Urban Growers Collective provide food access to over 36,000 families.

Austin Harvest staffBy the Hand Club for Kids logo

Austin Harvest is a youth-led fresh produce market. In 2021, we helped grow it into a year-round entrepreneurship program.

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Contributed $59,896 to Women & Girls

The future is female. Our investments should reflect that. Unfortunately today, there is a lack of gender equity in education, nonprofit funding, and the arts from a young age. This holiday season, the foundation will be funding 3 neighborhood nonprofits empowering young women & girls in need.

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Pearls for Teen Girls Inc. participants.Pearls for Teen Girls Inc. color logo.

Helped 296 people become homeowners

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Open Quotes
I choose to work for Flowers for Dreams because we stand for more than just profit.

Mae Rodovich

Senior Wedding Consultant

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We donated way more than money in 2021. We used our voice.

If You're Anti-Abortion, Don't Get One

$2,000 for reproductive justice to Midwest Access Coalition

Nobody Should be in Jail for Weed

First funds to the Cook County Rehabilitation Flower Farm

Everyone Deserves a Living Wage

First regional and national florist in the US to raise wages to $15

Black Lives Matter

Over $60k to Black & Brown communities- all from the sale of flowers

Flowers for Dreams logo

To get there, we arranged a lot of flowers.

Bouquet being made flowers laid out.
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Other companies can learn a thing or two from Flowers for Dreams about how to give back to their community. Whether it's with a campaign, a fundraiser, a group project. It's important and not enough companies do it!

Kaylee Lynch

Senior Wedding Consultant

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We are about a LOT more than flowers.

At      Flowers for Dreams, we believe that business should do more than make money, and we do our part by donating 25% of our profits to an incredible group of charities.

Weddings are changing for the better

We reimagined our wedding collections to work for any budget.

We don’t believe in miminums, upsells and vendor gimicks. We take it back to the beautiful basics: natural flowers for fair and honest pricing. A stylish wedding designed for ease and simplicity, not wealth or opulence.

PLAn your wedding

We use business as a force for good, that’s why we’re a B Corp.

Certified by the nonprofit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

Flowers for Dreams Impact Report #1 Ranking.

We are honored to be the very first B Corp florist in North America.

Certified B Corporation
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Awarded top 5% of all B Corps for community investment & positive impact.

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Community involvement, giving back to local charities and collaborating on diverse issues are the main reasons I work here. We actually walk the talk!

Drew Hawley

Wedding & Event Designer

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Charities across the years

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We're constantly focused on how we can help others and connect with our neighbors. I've been involved with the charities we work with and I can't explain how cool it is to see how excited they are for us to be a part of what they do.

Betty Buynak

Senior Wedding Consultant

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Our impact across the years

Thank you

For spreading kindness with us in 2021

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