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Celebrating 10 years of using flowers to advance causes of justice & charity in our community.

Together with The Flowers For Dreams Foundation, we have now funded 192 amazing local charities.


$190,294.24 IN 2022 ALONE.

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We think big and act small. Supporting causes on a grassroots level.

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Youth Opportunity

Contributed $39,441


Mental Health

Contributed $32,021.75


Food Insecurity

Contributed $51,036.70


Climate Change

Contributed $51,108.33

Contributed $39,441 to Youth Enrichment

We launched 2022 by supporting youth programming in underserved communities. No kid deserves less access to education or enrichment based on their income. We teamed up with 3 after-school nonprofits to level the playing field for teens in underfunded schools and neighborhoods.

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Used the $2,264.50 grant to hire 32 youth from the City of Milwaukee for 6-week paid internships, where they learned how to communicate oneself through a specific medium of art, new healthy ways of dealing with stress, and how to have a positive impact on their community.

While COVID-19 has served only to further the rampant learning loss already occurring in Detroit’s public schools, 100% of the students attending DBG maintained or improved their literacy level.

Provided over 150 students with the academic intervention, enrichment programming, and basic needs assistance required to attain lasting success in both school and life.

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Contributed $32,021 to Mental Health services

An estimated 49% of current US adolescents have struggled with a mental health disorder. Early intervention is key to turning this tide. Through behavioral health programs, youth therapy, help lines & coping skills, the Foundation funded $56,127 to 4 amazing local nonprofits that build childhood resilience and mental health development.

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The Healing provided 250 children and 100 families with Christmas gifts, mindfulness sessions, and a fireside chat on how to use the gifts that we have within ourselves.

The Healing held 26 yoga and mindfulness sessions for men in 2022 serving more than 500 men in Chicago and DC.

The Healing invited 30 men on a wellness retreat in Asheville North Carolina wherewe explored the outdoors through a 6-mile hike and meditation at the top of the mountain.

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Contributed $51,036 to fight Food Insecurity

Nearly 1 in 5 Black or Hispanic families will face hunger during their lifetime. The locavore food movement has proven a major solution: high yield urban agriculture to end low income communities' reliance on imports and processed food. The Foundation is aiding this effort by funding a neighborhood food bank, community-run grocery club, and a network of urban farms and gardens.

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Supported 41 early childcare programs to utilize garden-based activities to encourage children to cultivate a love for fruit, vegetables, and nature during critical early childhood years.

Distributed 72,682 seed packs, sustainably grew and distributed 393,060 transplants, and expanded our community to include 1,427 family, 381 community, 120 school, and 92 market gardens.

2,302 total volunteers contributed a whopping 5,165 hours of service to help us grow over 8,500 pounds of healthy food for the community. Together, we achieved our most productive growing season to date.

In 2022, we have had more than 1,600 volunteers serve in our food center, donating more than 20,000 hours of their time.

In 2022, Kinship provided 500+ referrals to partner organizations to help our shoppers with housing, transportation, and employment, with 70% of those referrals leading to a successful outcome.

Kinship’s urban farm has grown 58 varieties of vegetables that are provided to our community throughout the year. Fresh produce is not readily-accessible to our shoppers without this option at our food center and we have been able to share recipes, cooking demonstrations, and Feast meals that help our shoppers know how to utilize these fresh ingredients in a healthier way for their families.

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Contributed $51,108 to combat the Climate Crisis

From Hurricane Katrina to the Flint water crisis, communities of color are disproportionately affected by environmental racism and climate change. According to the EPA, Black and Hispanic individuals are 40% more likely to live in areas with extreme temperature related deaths and job loss from environmental crises. Our Foundation is funding local efforts to turn this tide, supporting four nonprofits advancing environmental justice in our communities.

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In 2022, La Villita Park Farm grew over 15 cultural crops and harvested 1.17 tons of organic, locally grown produce.

In 2022, La Villita Park Farm grew over 15 cultural crops and harvested 1.17 tons of organic, locally grown produce.

Supported Detroit youth in elevating their voices as they created protest art that highlighted local environmental injustice issues. Additionally, they presented their art work in a final exhibit and engaged nearly 50 community members in conversations about how to address problems.

DWEJ provided 222 energy efficiency appliances to residents to help them save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

LVEJO hosted 12 youth leaders through the Stewards of the Land (SOL) program in 2022, and graduated 9 solar students in our Workforce Development Program.

In 2022, Reflo worked with 30 high school interns to teach them about conservation, environmental impact, and more. Interns choose an environmental project that will impact their community – such as a neighborhood clean up, community garden build, or compost implementation – and are then given a $500 stipend to complete the project.

Reflo brought environmental education to roughly 1150 MPS students in 2022. This includes running workshops in their classrooms and taking them on field trips to different nature areas in the city to teach students from a variety of different grades about plant identification, green infrastructure, freshwater sciences and more.

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We use flowers & plants to stand up for justice in our communities.

Donated $2,000 to enable safe abortion access with the Midwest Access Coalition

Distributed our own pro-justice newspaper to combat election misinformation

Created a fund for out-of-state employees to access reproductive healthcare

Donated $28k to fund South Side youth exploration & enrichment from Valentine’s Day

Provided a day of free flowers to support residents affected by the Highland Park shooting

Turned our Mother’s Day call center into an abortion rights canvassing hotline

Found and funded a Ukrainian florist on the front lines of Russia’s invasion

Started a drive to collect warm clothes for 41 migrant families bussed to Chicago.

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“Thanks to Flowers for Dreams we were able to show our appreciation for our community members in a way no one expected! Flowers are the most purist and raw form of appreciation.”

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To get there, we arranged over 1.3M stems of flowers.

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Our promise to the envIronment

See our ambitious new roadmap to achieve environmental sustainability and massive waste reduction by year-end 2025.


End to Virgin Plastic

Replacing toxic first-use plastic with recyclable and hybrid solutions


Become Carbon Neutral

Started this path by offsetting 85% of our 2022 delivery emissions (101 metric tons of Carbon)


Eliminate Foam

Experimenting with new design products to end our reliance on degraditive floral foam

We are about a LOT more than flowers.

At      Flowers for Dreams, we believe that business should do more than make money, so we reinvest 25% of our net profits into amazing local charities in our community.

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We’re hall of famers!

Thank you to The Knot for giving us this recognition and all of the wonderful couples that have given us the privilege to share their special moments with us.

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“Our grant from Flower for Dreams was instrumental in our efforts to support Detroit youth.”

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As one of the first B Corps in the Midwest, we are proud to see now 4,000 businesses in 77 countries join the global movement.

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We were rated top 5% of all B Corps in Community for our charitable giving and positive nonprofit outcomes.

Certified B Corporation
Flowers for Dreams Impact Report #1 Ranking.

The very first flower or plant B Corporation to certify in the United States of America.

Certified by the nonprofit B Lab as voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

More than a bouquet

"We use beautiful flowers to advance causes of justice & charity in our community."
That's the statement plastered on the side of our box truck, and our only mission since we started back in 2012. We take the beautiful in flowers very seriously, but the justice & charity drives our every day.

Thanks to you, in 2022, we achieved our biggest milestone yet: over $1M donated to local charities. With your consistent orders and 10 years of hard work, we've now written grant checks to 200 incredible nonprofits across the Midwest. Wow.

We know 2023 won't be easy. The economy has taken a sharp turn and it would make sense if our flowers fell lower on your budget priorities. But it's our hope that you won't give up on our mission when you have a gift, a loss, a wedding or an event.

One thing is for sure, Flowers for Dreams will continue to make a difference with your deliveries and dollars. Our donations won't stop, and our activism won't either. We'll keep prioritizing local with your blooms and our charities, and never stop delivering smiles to all your loved ones in the year to come.

Steven Dyme
CEO & Co-Founder

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"In the spirit of true collaboration, Flowers for Dreams Foundation gave us an opportunity to tell the story of a long-term relationship that stems back to their initial planting of official roots here in our hometown."

True Skool

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Charities across the years

Open Quotes
“Thanks to Flowers for Dreams we were able to show our appreciation for our community members in a way no one expected! Flowers are the most purist and raw form of appreciation!”

True Skool

Q1 2022 Grant Recipient

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